Murphy’s ballads: David Cook

I’ve got a really long and personal story about David Cook, the winner of American Idol’s seventh season. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with it!

David Cook grew up in Blue Springs, MO, but it was in Tulsa, OK, that he tried to pursue his music career. He self-released an album called Analog Heart and also played with a band called Midwest Kings. He auditioned for American Idol by accident, since it was his brother Andrew who had planned on auditioning and he was there just to give Andrew some moral support. The rest is history and he ended up winning the competition. You may or may not have heard about his famous renditions, like Billie Jean and Always Be My Baby.

David CookShortly after winning, David released what they say it was his debut album—even though he had already self released others before. Released in November 2008, David Cook was certified platinum by the RIAA, as well as his winning single, The Time of My Life. Later on, the first official single of the album, Light On, was also certified platinum. For those who don’t know, a single/album is certified platinum when it sells over 1 million copies in the US.

David went on tour across America, playing mainly at colleges. He says he wanted to experience what he had seen when he was in college, playing over 150 concerts. In May 2009, David joined the Race For Hope, an event organized to raise funds for brain cancer research. Just a day before the race, David’s older brother Adam passed after battling brain cancer for over 10 years. It was for Adam that David wrote Permanent, the most emotional track of David Cook. In May 2010 I went to Washington, DC, for that year’s Race For Hope. As someone who have lost a relative to brain cancer, it was a really emotional experience to me.

David Cook in Williamsburg, VAIn September 2010, David and his band played a couple of shows in Williamsburg, VA, and I flew from Boston just to watch one of them, my first time at one of his concerts! That was, hands down, the best concert I had ever been to, it was totally worth the trip. The fact that I actually got to meet him and his band after the concert may or may not have something to do with it *winks* David is a really down to earth guy, the kind of artist who looks you in the eye and listens to every single thing you say, as if you were the most important person to him at that moment. You can see all my photos from this concert here.

This Loud MorningThis Loud Morning, which is considered his second album, released in June 2011, wasn’t received by the public as well as David Cook. While David Cook was released right after he won American Idol, by the time This Loud Morning came out only his fans who kept up with him knew about it. It wasn’t as widely publicized as the first one, and David wasn’t as much on the media. He hit the road with his band again, this time to support This Loud Morning, performing 37 shows—a very low number if you compare to his first album’s tour. I got to see him playing in Santa Rosa, CA, this time, and had a blast, again, even though I had to leave before the end of the concert.

After the tour ended, David parted ways with RCA, his label since winning American Idol. He went back to his roots and started self-producing his own music again, releasing two singles, The Last Song I’ll Write for You and Laying Me Low.

David Cook in Las Vegas, NVOn September 2013, David hit the road once more with his band, and I was hoping that they’d come to the West Coast. When a Las Vegas date was added to this tour, I got tickets and headed back to the Sin City just to watch him playing again. As someone who lived in Vegas area for 6 months, I was not planning on going there anytime soon, but with a concert on a Saturday night I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. I flew in last Saturday afternoon, and flew back home on Sunday morning. You can see all my photos from this concert here.

Some of my favorite songs of his:

Have you ever heard about David? Are you also a fan? Let us know what you think about him in the comments!

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  1. Laila Campos says:

    I remember him from AI, i like his rendition of Always Be My Baby and his song Come Back To Me. I will check out his other songs I am not a fan perse but among the many AIs who won he was one of those that stand out to me. Thanks for sharing your story with this gifted artist :)


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